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New 1000 km milestone infographic 18/05/2018

UITP publishes a new infographic on the 1,000km of fully automated metros reached in March 2018.

Modern metro meets ancient past at new interchange station on Rome Line C 15/05/2018

On 12 May the fully automated line C of Rome metro was extended to the station of San Giovanni, connecting it to line A and so to the rest of the metro network.

This represents an important step for the attractiveness of the line, which opened for revenue operation in November 2014 and now consists of 22 stations and about 18.5 km.

San Giovanni station is first of the three foreseen interchange hubs with other lines. Besides its importance for transport, it is notable for its architectural features, which comprise display cases with archaeological findings that emerged during the construction, writings and images on the walls linking each level of the station with the historic age corresponding to its depth.

The next step for the construction of the line will be a further extension of two other stations and the connection to line B foreseen for 2020.

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TV show on the station and archeological findings (in Italian): click here (necessary to register)

Source: ATAC Roma