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Beijing’s first fully automated line opens 03/01/2018


On 30 December Beijing’s first FAO line, the Yanfang Line, opened for revenue service.

Located in the Chinese capital city’s southwest suburbs, it has nine stations on its 14.4-km main line, linking the areas of Yanshan and Fangshan.

Once completed, the Yanfang Line is to include also a branch line of about 6.1km with 3 stations.

First Chinese-developed FAO metro
The new driverless line is China’s first fully domestically-developed fully automated line; that is, all subsystems are developed and supplied by a domestic manufacturer.

It is equipped with CBTC (communications-based train control) supplied by Traffic Control Technology Co. Ltd. (TCT). Trains have been provided by CRRC Changchun Railway Vehicles Co.

The line is operated by Beijing MTR Construction Administration Corporation (MTRCA). It is expected to carry 70,000 passengers daily.

Sources: MTRCA, TCT, Xinhua news agency

Picture for the inauguration of Beijing Yanfang Line (copyright TCT)