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Sep 08 2014

Train order for Beijing first UTO line

by uitp in News

Yanfang Line map (click to enlarge)

CNR (Northern Locomotive and Rolling Stock Corporation) has been awarded a contract to supply driverless trains for the first metro GoA4 metro line in Beijing: the Yanfang Line.

The 12-station and 15.2-km ‘Y-shaped’ line will start at Yanhua and Zhoukoudianzhen stations with the two branches merging at Raolefu. The line will then run through to Cheliangduan Station where passengers will be able to connect to the Fangshan Line. It will be the first line in China to implement a UTO system supplied by a domestic manufacturer.

The Yanfang Line will be equipped with CBTC supplied by Beijing Traffic Control Technology. CNR has announced that automation systems on the line will meet IEC 62267 standards at Grade of Automation (GOA) Level 4. The stainless-steel Type B trains will have a maximum speed of 80km/h.

The first two vehicles, of a total of 60, are to be delivered in May 2015 and the line is expected to open in December 2015.