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Jul 08 2015

Second section of Rome Line C opens

by uitp in News

Aerial view of Malatesta station, one of the 6 new stations on Line C

On 29 June the second section of Rome’s line C, from Mirti to Lodi, was opened to passenger service.

This second section lengthens the line by 5.5 km, and features 6 new stations, all underground.

The total line C section in operation now consists of 18 km and 21 stations.

The service is operated from 5:30 to 23:30 and is organised in two overlapped trips, from Lodi to Alessandrino and from Lodi to Montecompatri Pantano, each with a 12 minutes headway, so resulting in a 6 minutes headway from Lodi to Alessandrino.

The next step will be the extension by one more station to San Giovanni, thereby connecting line C with line A. This extension is scheduled for mid-2016.


Teano, another of the 6 new stations on Rome’s Line C