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Nov 06 2015

Nearly one in four metro cities has at least one automated line, UITP report shows

by uitp in News
The new report is available on this UITP website

The new report is available on the UITP website

On 28 October UITP issued a Statistics Brief on metros around the world which includes a section on automated lines. The report reveals that nearly a quarter of the world’s metro systems have at least one fully automated metro line. There are 732km of automated metro lines in 35 cities around the world, with Dubai (80km), Vancouver (68km) and Singapore (65km) at the forefront in terms of infrastructure length.

In the 40 years since the first fully automated metro line, the growth in automation has accelerated exponentially with every decade: current forecasts estimate the total to exceed 2,200km by 2025, with the MENA region and Asia spearheading this growth.

The Statistics Brief is available on the UITP website ( It includes figures on UTO signalling, platform/track protection systems, capacity and more.

The data on automation in this report is a preview of a more detailed report on automated metros, the 2015 edition of the  Annual World Report of the UITP Observatory of Automated Metros, due before the end of the year.