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Sep 14 2018

Barcelona inaugurates line 10 South

by uitp in News

Train at Foneria station on Line 10 South (Photo: Pep Herrero, TMB)

On 8 September the Barcelona operator TMB opened Line 10 South, a new line which uses newly built infrastructure and existing track shared with L9 South, which opened in 2016.

The new metro line currently has five stations. The trains run every 7’20” and take nine minutes to cover the 4.5 kilometres that separate the terminus stations Foc (Barcelona) and Collblanc (L’Hospitalet), of which 2.5km represent a new section of track and 2km that are shared with L9 South. There is also a 1.6km long double-track tunnel that the trains use to change direction, meaning that the entire operation extends over a distance of 6.1km.

With the opening of Line 10 South, the total automated sections of the Barcelona metro network are 33km long.

The Barcelona metro is the second largest in Spain in terms of size and demand. The new line takes it to some of the last residential areas of the city that lacked access to the urban rail network.

Source: TMB