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Jan 22 2019

Santiago opens second fully automated metro line

by uitp in News

Santiago Line 3 (© Metro de Santiago)

On 22 January Chilean President Sebastian Pinera inaugurated Santiago metro Line 3, the sixth line of the city’s metro network and the second to be fully automated.

Line 3, which like the other metro lines in the city is operated by Metro de Santiago, is 22 km long and comprises 18 stations. The technology used is the same as for Line 6, the other fully automated line, inaugurated in November 2017.

Stations on the line are equipped with platform screen doors. Passenger information systems indicate how full cars are in the arriving train, thanks to 10 cameras located inside each car, so that passengers can choose to board the one with most free space.

The new line has direct connections with all existing lines of the network.

Another feature of Line 3 is that 60% of its energy needs will be provided by renewable energy sources such as wind and sun.

Source: Metro de Santiago