Automated Metros Observatory

The 4th edition of the UITP Automated Metro Seminar will be held on 6-7 September 2013 in London.

Organized by the Observatory of Automated Metros of UITP, and hosted by Transport for London, the Seminar will offer a complete overview on all key aspects to consider in an automation project:


  • A debate-session during the last Seminar in Paris

    Strategy – Will the future bring automation to all metros?
    Unattended train operation is a 30 year old “innovation”. What’s the real capacity for change of our sector? Is it the natural pace, in our long life-cycle systems, or is it a matter of barriers to overcome?

  • Operations Signalling the way to improved performance
    CBTC is now a widespread technology, allowing for increased frequencies – however, are operators taking full advantage of the automation functionalities that the system allows? Is there room for intermediate solutions prior to a full Unattended Train Operation?
  • The human side of automation
    Participants in the Seminar’s 3rd edition in Paris

    Introducing metro automation to staff and future passengers is a challenge, particularly in a conventional metro networks, where public and staff are used to a “conventional” status quo. Experienced networks present and discuss the key elements to consider to manage the transition or coexistence between automation & conventional operation.

  • Technology trends and expectations
    The supply industry is invited to offer insights into the technology evolution – in signaling and beyond. What’s the industry’s response to the growth perspectives in metro automation?
    Is interoperability of systems on the agenda? After a this preview into the future, operators will be invited to debate with key industry suppliers on their experience and expectations.

The Seminar will also offer the unique opportunity to learn on London Underground’s own strategy towards automation.