Automated Metros Observatory

The ‘World Report on Metro Automation 2018’ was published on 23 May. This new UITP Statistics Brief introduces the current standing of automated metros across the globe – and expectations for the years to come.

Last year witnessed the milestone achievement of 1000km of automated metros reached as the Pujiang Line opened for use in Shanghai.

As of December 2018, nearly a quarter of the world’s metro systems have at least one fully automated line in operation.Within this latest UITP Statistics Brief – sourced from the database of automated metro lines of the UITP Observatory of Automated Metros – you will find the latest on infrastructure, growth, signaling technology, characteristics and trends, and more, connected to statistics on cities, countries/territories and lines.

Some of the most remarkable statistics from the report are:

  • There are now 64 fully automated metro lines in 42 cities, operating 1026km
  • There is a 27.7% increase in km from the 2016 World Report figures
  • South Korea, France, Singapore and Malaysia host half of the world’s km
    of fully automated metro lines
  • Together with the United Arab Emirates, they also lead in growth for the last decade

As for projections for the future, in a major sector advancement, the next years to come will overshadow this achievement: if confirmed projects advance to plan, by 2022 the number of automated metro km in the world is set to triple. Most of this growth will take place in China.

The full report is available for download here.