Automated Metros Observatory

119 km. 2011 has brought the greatest growth in the history of UTO; over 100 km of automated lines inaugurated in a single year.
Significantly, most of this growth takes place outside Europe (83%); Asia stands out with 70 km. Middle East also presents high growth numbers, particularly when the 22,5 km of Dubai are complemented with the lines in Makkah and Riyadh (totalling in this case 52 new km in 2011).

4 new lines join the UTO club; in Busan Lines 4 and Busan-Gimhae LRT, Green Line in Dubai, and Shin Bundang in Seoul

Getting longer – 21 extra km in existing lines, with expansions in Sao Paulo (Line 4), Torino (Line 1), Barcelona (Line 9) and Singapore (North-East Line and Circle Line).