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Feb 03 2015

AnsaldoBreda to supply trains for Milan’s new Line 4

by uitp in News
AnsaldoBreda Line 4 Driverless train

AnsaldoBreda Line 4 Driverless train

AnsaldoBreda was awarded a contract for 250 million euro for the M4 line of Milan. The agreement is for the supply of 47 driverless metro trains.

Line 4 of Milan, whose construction is expected in about 7 years, will link the airport of Milan with the San Cristoforo FS railway station, crossing the city centre from east to west, with 15 stations over 14.5 km.

AnsaldoBreda will manufacture 47 driverless trains, with four cars and bidirectional (that is capable to operate in both directions). The interiors are characterized by the absence of obstacles and constrictions among the cars, allowing to have a single space for the entire length of the vehicle. The trains can carry 600 passengers, out of which 64 seated, and will have two seats for the handicapped. The maximum speed is 80 km/h.

The trains have been designed for passenger’s maximum comfort and safety: air conditioning and heating, fire detection, events static recorder and advanced communication systems to the traveller. Like any driverless, the vehicles will offer to all passengers on board a panoramic view, typically exclusive to the driver, due to the large window that replaces the driver’s cabin.

Source: AnsaldoBreda press release