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Aug 08 2014

Investment approved for section of Grand Paris metro

by uitp in News

© Gérard Rollando

In July Société du Grand Paris approved 3.490 billion euros of investment for the Grand Paris project, which is to extend the Paris metro network with an automated line circling the city and other automated lines connecting different suburbs to each other.

The approved funding is for infrastructure for Line 16 (Noisy-Champs to Saint-Denis Pleyel ) and covers also a section of Line 17 (Le Bourget RER to Saint-Denis Pleyel ) and a section of Line 14 (Saint-Denis Pleyel to Mairie de Saint-Ouen). The 29km of infrastructure will be entirely underground and comprise nine new stations, seven of which will offer connections to the RER network, metros or trams.

The investment for rolling stock is to be approved in a separate decision at the end of 2015. Trains on lines 16 and 17 are to have 500-person capacity and are expected to enter service in 2023.

The expected ridership for line 16 from the opening is 150,000 to 200,000 passengers on week days.


Source: Société du Grand Paris press release

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