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Oct 11 2019

M3 line opens in Copenhagen

by uitp in News

Queen Margrethe during opening ceremony (© Ditte Valente/Metroselskabet)

On 29 September, Queen Margrethe of Denmark officially opened Copenhagen Metro’s new line M3. The opening was also celebrated by the President of the Italian Republic Sergio Mattarella, who visited the M3 Control and Maintenance Centre on 8 October.

The M3 line is 15.5 km long with 17 underground stations. Each station is developed with unique architecture to reflect the local neighbourhood surrounding the station.

The opening followed a successful Trial Run under the responsibility of Metro Service A/S, the operator. All safety certificates and approvals were obtained four days ahead of the opening. After the cords were cut, over 127,000 passengers rode the new line that Sunday. Since then the line has been operating as planned.

All the Copenhagen Metro lines are operated by Metro Service A/S, a privately held company and joint venture between ATM (Azienda Trasporti Milanesi) and Hitachi Rail STS. The latter company has also supplied trains and systems for the entire Copenhagen Metro.

The Copenhagen Metro already operates two automated metro lines and will add the first stage of a fourth line early 2020. At this time, the metro system will cover 39.5 km, have 39 stations and is expected to carry more than 120 million passengers each year. A further extension of M4 with 5 additional stations has already started.


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