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Nov 07 2018

New station on São Paulo Line 4

by uitp in News

© ViaQuatro

São Paulo-Morumbi Station, the tenth station on São Paulo’s Line 4 (yellow line), opened in October. The new stop facilitates access to the so-called Morumbi Stadium, home to football matches and many shows.

This one-station extension brings the line length to 11.3 km.

It is estimated that the new station will receive an average of 75,000 passengers per business day.

During the first few weeks, the new station will run daily from 10:00 to 15:00. The reduced operation occurs during the maturation phase of equipment and systems, such as power supply, signaling and telecommunications.

The new station, underground like all stations on the line, is 27.53 meters below street level and comprises 13 escalators and four elevators.

Line 4 is operated by concessionaire ViaQuatro.

Source: ViaQuatro press release (in Portugueuse)

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