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Feb 04 2013

RATP completes automation of Line 1

by uitp in News


In 2013, all metro cars on the RATP Line 1 are now driverless. This completes the conversion of the oldest line on the Paris metro network.

Line 1 has been automated since November 2011, but both new driverless cars as well as traditional cars circulated during a transition phase.

The transition phase was one of the biggest challenges during the course of the automation project. RATP ensured the complete safety of the people working in areas where both automated and non-automated trains were operated: drivers accessing trains in the garage area; maintenance staff working on trains; supervisors managing incidents on the line, etc.

Line 1, opened in 1900, is the oldest line on the Paris metro network.

The automation of the line is a means for RATP to adapt to the new pace of urban life and meet the rising expectations of its passengers:  more responsive and adaptable transportation facilities, greater safety, increasingly comfortable trains, and more staff to assist passengers.

The project was implemented while maintaining full operation during the work phase. In order to enable passengers to do their ‘business as usual’, RATP undertook measures to avoid traffic disruptions over the course of the automation project.

In carrying out this dual challenge of technology and organization for such an important line, RATP confirmed its expertise in the design and operation of automated metro systems. Line 1 is now a great showcase for an integrated company with its own technical engineering.