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Apr 23 2013

Rome Line C: first Italian fully automated heavy metro close to Trial Running phase

by uitp in News

The first opening section of line C, 15 out of 30 stations and 12.1 out of 25.5 km, is close to reaching the “System Demonstration” phase, a trial running from the builder aimed to show the reaching of contractual RAMS parameters before the delivery to the Operator, which has been selected in ATAC S.p.A. as for the other metro lines in the city.

The automation system is from Ansaldo STS and will be the same as in Copenaghen, Brescia and Milano line 5.

Trains will consist of 6 cars for a total length of 107 m, carrying around 1200 passengers each.

The last 10 stations and 8 km have been obtained by transforming a previous surface railway, where, among others, Platform Screen Doors, Rigid Catenary and anti-noise barriers have been installed.

Adapted station of Torrenova