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Aug 26 2019

Trial run for Taichung Green Line ahead of 2020 opening

by uitp in News

Taichung city (© Forgemind ArchiMedia/Flickr)

A seven-day trial run was successfully completed early July on the automated metro Green Line, in Taichung, Taiwan, the city’s Rapid Transit System Office announced.

Scheduled to open in 2020, the Green Line will be 16.7km long, will be mostly elevated (15.94km elevated, 0.77km at ground level) and will have 18 stations.

The fleet will consist of 18 two-car trainsets, each car measuring 22,17 meters and having a capacity of 268 passengers (536 for the whole train).  The average operational speed will be 35km/h, with maximum speed at 75km/h, and 90-second headway at peak hours.


Taichung City Rapid Transit System Office (in Chinese)

Taichung MRT corporation (in Chinese)