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Apr 12 2013

Vancouver Evergreen Line awards signaling supplier

by uitp in News

Thales Canada has been awarded a C$1.4 contract by Partnerships B.C. to install  SelTrac® CBTC on the new SkyTrain Evergreen Light Rapid Transit Line, the fourth automated metro line in Vancouver. The Translink owned project began construction in summer of 2012 and will finish by the summer of 2016.

In cohesion with the existing lines, the SelTrac system will minimize impact to the SkyTrain service through eliminating transfers and connecting directly with Millennium line, linking with Canada line, Expo line, and the West Coast Express. This system is designed to meet the peak passenger capacity of 70,000 passengers per day expected by 2021.

As of now, Vancouver has three operating lines: Expo line (Skytrain), Millennium line, and Canada line. Together these lines serve 47 stations using the automated system of SelTrac®. The Evergreen line will add 11km to the system and will run on a mixture of elevated structures, in tunnels and at-grade forms. Trains will be supplied by Bombardier.