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Apr 29 2013

Yongin EverLine LRT: 5th fully automated metro line in South Korea

by uitp in News

On April 26, after long delays (Construction on the line began in December 2005 and was completed in June 2010), the new light rail line opened its doors, with the launch of full commercial services today, Monday, April 29.

The mostly elevated line, with 18,1 km and 15 stations, connects Everland Resort, the country’s largest theme park, which receives more than 6.5 million visitors each year, to the Seoul Metropolitan Subway.

Bombardier is the supplier of 30 driverless vehicles (Innovia ART 200), each with a capacity of up to 226, with linear induction motors together with its Cityflo 650 automatic train control (ATC) system (radio-based train control technology). The carriages travel in single form, over raised rails and platforms similar to a monorail.

Trains will run every 3~10 minutes to make the system capable of transporting approximately 25,000 – 30,000 people per hour.